Lizzo Announces Start Of 'Big Grrrl Summer' With New Bikini Photo

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Lizzo is back with another body-positive message for all her followers. The 'Good as Hell' singer took to Instagram to remind everyone that a bikini body is simply a body that is wearing a bikini. In a series of Instagram posts, Lizzo announced that summer has officially begun in the best way ever.

"Big grrrl summer has begun," Lizzo wrote on Instagram. "You've been warned."

Lizzo followed up her initial post with a video to expand on what "big grrrl summer" really means. "This is a public service announcement....big grrrl summer has officially begun. And big girls? We have abs, look at that, look at that," she says while flaunting her own bikini body. "I know you see it, 'fabs' honey. Stay sick, stay mad h**. Where my big girls at?!"

In the caption, Lizzo encouraged her fans to "break out the bikinis" this year.

In a previous post, Lizzo opened up about how she's come to a place of such positivity and confidence. "I started talking to my belly this year. Blowing her kisses and showering her with praises," she wrote on Instagram. "I used to want to cut my stomach off I hated it so much. But it's literally ME. I am learning to radically love every part of myself. Even if it means talking to myself every morning." Lizzo then told her fans: "This is your sign to love on yourself today."

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