Major Internet Outage Takes Down Websites For Banks, Airlines

Media And Government Websites Temporarily Offline

Photo: Getty Images

A number of websites for banks, airlines, and several major companies in Australia went down, in the second major internet outage in ten days.

Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Australia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Bank, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, E-trade, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website were all hit by the outage, which was caused by an IT failure at Akamai Technologies, a global content delivery network that also provides cybersecurity, and cloud services.

"Akamai is aware of the issue and actively working to restore services as soon as possible," the company said in a statement on Twitter.

It is unclear what caused the issue, but after several hours, many of the websites started coming back online.

Southwest Airlines told CNN Business that the outage did not impact flight operations, while a spokesperson for Los Angeles International Airport said the outage briefly interrupted operations but did not cause any significant delays or cancellations of flights.

Thursday's outage was similar to one on June 8 that took down Amazon, CNN, The New York Times, and other major websites. That outage was caused by an issue at Fastly, a cloud computing services provider that offers a variety of services to help websites load faster.

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