Lady Gaga Declined Invite To Sing Aboard Virgin Galactic Space Flight

This one's for the Little Monsters... you remember 8 years ago when Lady Gaga announced she was invited to sing in space in 2015? She said, “My ticket was given to me. I was asked specifically to sing. I’m going to be the first recording artist to sing in space.”

Well, that never happened. Tragically, the VSS Enterprise crash the following year caused Mother Monster to decline the invite. Reports claim she did this reluctantly taking out a hefty life insurance policy.

Not sure about the "first" thing though – on record, the first to sing in space was Commander Chris Hadfield with his rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity."

Thankfully the mission went well over the weekend and the history-making space flight has opened a huge door for commercial space travel. Sir Richard Branson is the first person to fly to space on his own rocket. Reportedly, Jeff Bezos is prepping to launch his own rocket in the coming weeks.

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