Ed Sheeran Self-Isolating In U.K. Following 'Close Contact' With COVID-19

Ed Sheeran is hiding out and keeping as far away from coronavirus as possible, according to reports. We don't blame him, HE HAS A BABY AT HOME!

He was informed he came in close contact to someone with COVID-19 and has since flown back to the U.K. to isolate. A source said, “It’s a bit of a nightmare for Ed, but what can you do? He’s obviously followed the rules and headed straight home when he was told to. He has taken several tests which came back negative, but that doesn’t make a difference, so he’s just getting on with whatever he can do from home."

He did sit next to Kate Middleton in the Wembley's Royal Box a while back. (She self-isolated recently too, hmmm...)

Either way, the "Perfect" singer tested negative but isn't taking chances.

We're just hoping he's washing his socks and giving his wife's nose a break... LOL! Apparently, ED HAS SUPER STINKY FEET! Haha.

He was on a radio show and said: "Looking back at when I wrote it versus where I am now -- I had two pairs of socks. I literally never washed my socks and just changed socks. I mean, if you've met anyone that knew me back then, the one thing that everyone could agree on is my feet stank."

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