Adele's First Public Outing With Boyfriend, LeBron James's Agent Rich Paul

When you're famous, you don't just waltz into a relationship and the world goes along with it smoothly... no... a skeptical has to be made of it!

And as such, Adele was immediately tied to sports agent Rich Paul when they were spotted court-side at Game 5 of The Suns vs. The Bucks in Phoenix, AZ. The Bucks REALLY came back in that game, but that's beside the point – ADELE'S DATING LEBRON JAMES'S AGENT, RICH PAUL!

The couple were confirmed by an ESPN Sportscaster and the audio can be heard below.

Oh, and Adele bumped into Lil Wayne at some point and someone took a faraway, kinda-creepy picture. We'll share. Lol...

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