Paris Hilton's Wedding Will Be A 3-Day Affair With 'Probably' 10 Gowns

It's like in that episode with Saweetie in her new cooking show – "rich b**ch s**t!"

Hotel heiress and reality show star Paris Hilton has more than enough money to spend... so you know she's going all out for her wedding! She told Jimmy Fallon how she plans to have a three-day event with "probably" 10 different gowns.

Being that she waited until after her 40th birthday to get married – and it's not her first engagement – there’s no doubt she's had nothing but time to plan. Paris said, “It’s gonna be a three-day affair. We have a lot happening. Lots of dresses, probably 10. I love outfit changes.”

If you checked out her new Netflix series then you remember she changes costumes like it’s a Las Vegas stage revue.

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