Normani 'Disappointed' At Having No Invitation To Perform At MTV VMAs

Normani wants in!!!

The "Wild Side" singer recently interviewed at a radio station and expressed her "disappointment" in the lack of invitation she's getting from MTV. Currently, there's a #LetNormaniPerform campaign online with tons of fans petitioning for the former Fifth Harmony member to perform at the VMAs this 12th of September.

Normani quoted:

“I’m honestly disappointed about it. Since last week, I’ve just been in my head. Also I know that everything happens for a reason. With or without, I’m good. Obviously I’m a human being, I feel things. I love to feel noticed and for my work to be validated, but it speaks for itself. It’s forcing me to validate myself. I’m talented. It has nothing to do with me. It’s just a decision that somebody else made that was out of my control. I’m focusing on redefining what success means to me, and focusing on the things that make me happy…I would love to perform. You already know. I think back to my favorite artists, Janet, Bey, and Britney. All of those iconic moments, which I know that I’m capable of, you know?”

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