Hosts of 'The View' Return After False Positive COVID-19 Result Live On-Air

Jaw drop!

Right in the middle of a segment, just before interviewing Vice President Kamala Harris, hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro-Cardenas of The View were asked to step off-stage and away from the camera. Joy Behar and Sara Haines had no clue what was up! Turns out producers needed them to immediately distance themselves due to positive COVID-19 results...

...but it turns out they were "false positive" results. Ana and Sunny have returned.

And on the first day back, Ana addressed a nasty tweet the former President's son posted, basically fat-shaming her and making light of her health. She "clapped back," most def! LOL

But what do you think of producers revealing their results live on national TV like that... how would you feel?

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