Billie Eilish Wants 'No Time To Die' To Exist Beyond Latest Bond Soundtrack

You just gotta love Billie Eilish, man! This girl takes her art form SERIOUSLY.

In her latest interview, the "Everything I Wanted" singer went a little more in-depth about what the song she contributed to No Time To Die is all about. She didn't want the song to just be about what's in the the upcoming James Bond film; she wanted a song that could stand on its own!

Here's what she told BBC in the latest interview:

"We didn't want to just make a song that only made sense with the movie. We wanted to make a song that made sense in the world and in people's lives. It's what everybody says: Love is blind. You literally go blind. For real. Every red flag is gone, everything is gone, all your senses -- gone."

The latest installment in the Bond saga – No Time To Die – is out in theaters October 8th.

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