Lil Nas X Credits Psychedelic Mushrooms For Some Writing On 'Montero'

In a recent interview, one of the most popular artists of today – Lil Nas X – revealed some drug use helped make magic happen on his debut album. He's the latest in a long line of musicians turning to drugs to unlock creativity. The poison he picked? SHROOMS!

He told the WSJ all about his psychedelic experience:

Though he didn’t actually make any music while he was tripping, he talked through various aspects of his life, enjoyed the pool and hot tub, and “pushed past lots of lingering feelings of self-consciousness.” The psychedelics helped Lil Nas “open up a lot... I was able to write actuations stories about my life and put it into my music. I actually did that for the first time.”

NOTE: The "Industry Baby" singer had friends beside him while he "went on his trip." Let's just hope he keeps it organic and doesn't touch the stuff that took Prince, Whitney, or Mac from us.

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