Travis Scott Makes Statement After Tragic Concert Deaths, Lawsuits Filed

Wonder if Travis Scott is feeling how Ariana Grande felt after the tragic bombing in London... traumatic, all of it.

Houston Police have officially confirmed that 8 people, all between the ages of 14-27, have unfortunately lost their lives following chaos at the rapper's AstroWorld Festival. Reports state 50,000 bodies were in attendance the night of the incident. There are unconfirmed reports from high-level insiders, corroborated by at least one security guard, that claim a person was going around sticking needles in people and injecting them with an unknown toxin.

Some information has been made public about some of the lives lost, here's that:

  • The youngest victim was a first-year High School student from Houston, John Hilgert(14).
  • The family of Brianna Rodriguez (16) posted to Facebook (quote) “Dancing was her passion. Now she's dancing her way to heaven's pearly gates.”
  • Rudy Peña (23) was majoring in criminal justice in Laredo, Texas.
  • A pair of 21-year-old friends died together, Franco Patino and Jacob Jurinek, whose father said (quote) “Jacob was the sweetest kid with the biggest heart in the world.”
  • The brother of Axel Acosta (21) wrote at Facebook (quote) “He is in a better place. We loved him with all of our hearts.”
  • Danish Baig (27) died saving his fiancée from the stampede. He shoved her to safety but got caught in the crush.

Since then, Travis Scott (as well as Kylie Jenner) have made public statements regarding the matter. A lot of fans are still upset, regardless. Some have even posted footage from the event and called the rapper out directly.


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