FDA Approves Emergency Use Of Pfizer PAXLOVID Pill Used To Treat COVID-19

It's looking like a much more promising 2022 than the past year we had, regarding the pandemic... but of course, we could only go up from 2020 anyway, huh? LOL

The CDC has officially lowered the quarantine time from 10 days of isolation to 5 days, assuming the individual is asymptomatic. Dr. Fauci told CNN this week:

Because there are a lot of people in society that are essential for the smooth running of the infrastructure of our society. So the idea about cutting down the period of quarantine for people who have been exposed, and perhaps the period of isolation for people who have been infected, is something that is under, I would say, serious consideration.”

Not to mention, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially approved the emergency use of PAXLOVID – a pill that reportedly treats COVID-19 in individuals who have not yet reached the point of hospitalization. Would you take this pill if it meant getting back to your regularly scheduled programming sooner?

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