Britney Spears Reveals She Almost Bought Bigger Boobs After Conservatorship

At this rate, we won't need the tell-all book, Brit!

This year, the iconic Britney Spears has been revealing a lot of the inside scoop we only hoped to get ahold of during the years she was locked into the conservatorship. From family drama to personal issues, Brit is definitely an open book lately.

Her latest story for fans was one of her bad experience contacting a doctor's office to go through with a breast augmentation. She cites her father's body-shaming dialogue as one of the reasons, since she feels she lost some chest size after losing the weight her father bullied her into losing.

She said to IG:

“I don’t know where my boobs went. They are fairly small. With the right bra they’re fine. But I was curious what a plastic surgeon would say. The doctor’s appointment ended up being a major fiasco. I’m entering the back way and walking up 8-flights of stairs! I’m like WTF is this?”

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