US Warship Fires Warning Flare After Near Crash With Iranian Attack Boats

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Photo: Getty Images

A United States Navy warship fired a warning flare after it was nearly involved in a crash with three Iranian speedboats during a standoff in the Persian Gulf.

The Navy confirmed one of the three Iranian Revolutionary Guard speedboats nearly came head-on at the USS Sirocco in the Strait of Hormuz before changing its course, Daily Mail reports.

The incident comes amid tension between the U.S. Navy and Iranian Guard caused by halted negotiations on Iran's nuclear deal with world powers as Tehran is believed to have its biggest effort yet to constructing new underground Fordo nuclear facilities capable of withstanding attacks.

Video released by the Navy's 5th Fleet station in Bahrain showed a Guard Boghammar coming toward the USS Sirocco head-on at high speeds as the Navy ship continuously blew its horn before the oncoming boat turns just before closing in.

The flare shot can be heard, but not seen, as the speedboat, traveling with an Iranian flag above it, instead passes the Navy warship.

The Navy said the oncoming speedboat came within 50 yards of the Sirocco, causing concern of a potential crash, amid the standoff, which lasted about an hour.

The Navy said the Guard's "actions did not meet international standards of professional or safe maritime behavior, increasing the risk of miscalculation and collision," in a statement obtained by Daily Mail.

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