Florida Destination Has One Of The Best Swimming Holes In The U.S.

Happy woman in sea

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When the temperatures get hot, Americans are quick to flock to beaches, rivers, and lakes to cool down. Another option are swimming holes, which offer a different experience compared to those popular spots. Visitors can look forward to beautiful waterfalls, jaw-dropping views, natural waterslides, and, of course, refreshing waters. Depending on where you go, there could also be trails, landmarks, nearby towns, and other fascinating features.

With many swimming holes dotting the country, Trips to Discover found America's 13 best ones for the summer. The top picks can be found in both state and national parks, isolated locations, and other under-the-radar spots.

A Florida destination made it on the list, and that honor goes to Wekiwa Springs State Park in Apopka! Here's why writers chose this park:

"Wekiwa Springs State Park, just a 25-minute drive north of downtown Orlando, is the perfect place to escape the theme park crowds and enjoy a dip in Wekiwa Springs. One of the best natural springs in Florida, the crystal-clear water stays a consistent 72 degrees throughout the year, especially refreshing after a hike on the miles and miles of scenic trails in the park."

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