Bed Bath & Beyond Closing 60 Stores In The Coming Months

Smh! Bed Bath & Beyond has announced that they'll be closing 60 more stores in the coming months and I'm so sad!

Back in April, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. estimated that they would be closing around 40 stores this year, so the number has definitely gone up. MOST of the closings, however, will happen after the holiday season in early 2020. So at least you can take one final spin around the store before the New Year!

Bed Bath And Beyond Releases Q4 Earnings Figures

The company says that they're closing the stores in hopes that foot traffic will be more concentrated in the stores left open.

“With this action we are increasing the profitability of our remaining portfolio and believe that our remaining fleet will benefit from our renewed focus on driving traffic and operating efficiency,” CEO Mary Winston said. They hope to “create a better balance between our physical and digital presence within the markets we serve.” (via USA Today)

Welp, go ahead and gather your coupons and go shopping!

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