Instagram Removing The Creepy "Following" Tab That Lets You Stalk People

No more stalking your exes! Instagram is removing the "Following" tab from the app.

Beginning this week, your IG will only be able to show you YOUR OWN likes! Before, you were able to toggle back and forth between the "You" tab and the "Following" tab with ease, checking out all the posts other people were liking as well. Not anymore!


This is probably a God-send for people who indulge in unsavory activities such as cheating. Now it won't even be possible for your BF/GF to see the posts you're liking of that hottie you met at the bar last weekend.

The "Following" tab was actually one of the OG features of the Instagram app, debuting back in 2011. It's been with us for such a long time! But honestly... did you ever really remember that it was there? Unless you were doing weird creepy things?

How do you feel about it disappearing forever?

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Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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