Walmart Is Selling A Gift Set With 30 Different International Hot Sauces!

UM my dad would love this! Then he would resent me for getting him something that would mess up his stomach so badly...

Either way, Walmart is now selling a gift set with 30 different types of international hot sauces just in time for the holiday season! It's called the "World Wide Hot Sauce Gift Set" and you don't even have to scour the obscure aisles of a World Market to find it.

Sauces from places like Budapest, Thailand, Costa Rica and more can be found inside. Hawaii and California also lend some spice to the set.

Even better news? It's going for $19.98 in store. BARGAIN ALERT!

You can also find the set online HERE.

Have you gotten a head start on any of your holiday shopping or do you like living life on the edge?


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