Florida Dog Lost Since 2007 Finally Found Over 1,000 Miles Away

I know this is a super happy story but my heart breaks for all of those years this family and dog lost.

A toy fox terrier has finally been found over 1,000 miles away from her South Florida home after going missing way back in 2007. Authorities say Dutchess was found shivering underneath a shed in Pittsburgh last month.

The owner of the property took her to the local Humane Animal Rescue center where they were able to locate a microchip and finally find Dutchess' real family. I can't believe she had a microchip this whole time and was still missing for 12 years!!

The dog's owner, Kathryn Strang, then drove all the way from Boca Raton to Pittsburgh to reunite with her long lost family member!

The sweetest part of all of this? Strang says she continued paying the monthly fee on the microchip ever since Dutchess went missing in hopes that she'd be found one day. 12 YEARS!!

Have you ever lost a dog? It's the worst feeling ever.

So happy for Dutchess and her mom!


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