The Dunking Oreo Set Is Back Just In Time For The Holidays

You ever go to dunk some cookies in a glass of milk and get it all over your hands? Has your glass ever been to skinny or too tall for dunking??

That's all in the past!

The Ultimate Oreo Dunk Set is back just in time for the holidays, and there's no denying that it would make an amazing gift.

Exclusively available at Walmart for $17.98, this is the 2nd year that the set is making some serious noise. People couldn't get over how convenient it made consuming a crazy amount of cookies last year. According to the box, the set includes 13 Oreo cookies (which refilling shouldn't be an issue with Oreos available in almost every cookie aisle in the world), two glass mugs, two cookie tongs, and two cookie cages.

Sounds legit.

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