Here's Why Walt Disney World Won't Be Getting A 5th Park Any Time Soon

This actually makes a ton of sense!

Walt Disney World makes so many dreams come true around the world so it's no wonder people are always begging for MORE! However, it doesn't look like Disney is going to be building any new parks in Orlando. According to Orlando Rising, building more parks would "cannibalize money and ideas from the other four parks."

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration

Apparently, when Disney's Animal Kingdom opened back in 1998 the number of visitors did indeed drop at the other parks. Attendance dropped between 3% (Magic Kingdom) and 8% (Hollywood Studios) that year.

This is great for spreading guests across multiple different parks instead of cramming them all into one or two, but it looks like 4 is the magic number.

Would you want to see a new park opening at Walt Disney World?

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