New Study Says The More Concerts You Go To, The Happier You'll Be

What makes you happy?

Probably a combination of tacos and free time, right? Ok... donuts, maybe?

Either way, a new study just found that the more a person goes to concerts, the happier they're going to be! They can lead to "a 21 percent increase in a feeling of well-being", according to a study conducted by O2 and Goldsmith's University Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagen.

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The study also concluded that yoga showed an increase of about 10 percent.

How cool is that?? We've always know that live music is amazing, but now we have the stats to back it up!

The study also concludes that you're more likely to live longer the more concerts you attend. “Additional scholarly research directly links high levels of well-being with a lifespan increase of nine years pointing to a direct link between gig-going and longevity,” the report states.

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