Tyler, The Creator Introduced Billie Eilish At The AMAs And It Was Perfect

Billie Eilish has been having one of the best years a young artist can have. Multiple Grammy and AMA nominations, performing at massive music festivals, being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, and more... how much better can it get??

I mean, maybe being introduced by one of your idols would put the cherry on top of all of that, right?


Yep! Tyler, the Creator, one of Billie's well-known idols and music inspirations, introduced her for her very first awards show performances.

"also i know tyler probably don’t care how excited i am about this lmao but he is god to me and the fact he even knows i exist is crazy to me... everytime i see this dude ion know what to say thank you t u changed my life.... & sorry about your album🤪&&&&& my neck broke," Billie wrote on IG.

She then KILLT her performance of "All The Good Girls Go To Hell".


We stan.

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Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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