Florida CEOs You Should Know - Ami L Brannon of Neuvana

Photo: Photo courtesy of Neuvana

Ami L. Brannon is a co-founder of Neuvana and the company's Chief Executive Officer. Neuvana's team mission is to continually improve lives through neurotechnology with products designed to increase relaxation and overall well-being. Neuvana's team believes that enhanced wellness, balance, and rejuvenation is an everyday right (and one that shouldn’t rest at the bottom of your to-do list).

They are committed to developing cutting-edge electroceuticals, delivering effective neurostimulation, continuing research with ever-evolving science, and keeping everyday ease at the forefront of our solutions, are all selected with you in mind.

Neuvana's latest product Xen is a patented electronic device that delivers gentle multi pulses through headphones directly to the Vagus nerve located in your ear. It pairs wirelessly to the Neuvana app where you can customize your sessions. Neuvana designed Xen to improve your quality of life-enhance your sleep, boost mood, improve focus and knock out stress for good!

Brannon says, "When you become a part of the Neuvana family, you’re joining the wellness-lovers, the conscious-crew, and the science-obsessed."

Ms. Brannon combines over 20 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse and administrator in hospital-based healthcare with her expertise in the neurotechnology industry to create a vision for the future. She is committed to developing useful, convenient, and effective solutions to prevent the negative health effects of stress-induced illness. Ms. Brannon holds a BS in Nursing and a BS in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.

Ami Brannon talks about the success of Neuvana with WIOD's Nathalie Rodriguez.

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