ICE Raids Happening In Miami This Weekdend

Miami is one out of the ten original cities around the country that are said have raids by ICE this weekend. Originally, New Orleans was part of the ten but due to tropical storm Barry the raids in that city have been suspended. The other cities that will see raids are Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.

We've already seen Immigration officers arrive in the city of Immokalee, located in Collier County. This city is known for its farming and undocumented immigration population. As of yesterday, crowds gathered at the ICE Detention Center in Miramar as well as the holding facility for children in Homestead.

This Sunday's deportations were originally scheduled for June but too many details leaked, and the Trump administration decided to postpone them after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Trump for time to work out a compromise on immigration reform.

Who will be affected by the raids? People who came to the US illegally and have received letters from the Department of Justice and have not responded. Also, those who came as children here illegally and have since turned. Lastly, those who’ve received a court date and missed it.

After being taken into custody, these people will be taken to the nearest ICE office to be formally interviewed about their immigration status. According to the Florida Immigration Coalition, people will be taken to holding facilities based on their age. Afterward, they will be taken in front of an immigration judge to then plan their next move and see what the United States government will do with them.

The two possible facilities in South Florida are the Broward Translation Center and the Krome detention center.

Photo by: John Moore/Getty Images


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