One More Reason To Love Shawn Mendes

All Giovanna Santos wanted for her 16th Birthday was to go to the Shawn Mendes concert right here in Miami. Unfortunately, four months ago she was diagnosed with Dilated cardiomyopathy and was unable to attend the concert.

Giovanna’s nurses and family knew that her big birthday wish was to attend the concert and so they helped her contact Shawn Mendes and his team. They helped her with a video and sent it to everyone they thought could help get the message to her favorite artist.

Turns out that all the work paid off because weeks later Giovanna got to FaceTime with her idol, pop star Shawn Mendes. The two talked for a bit and at the end Giovanna asked, “You’re going to Brazil, right?” Shawn said “Yeah”. She said, “Hopefully, I’ll go”. Mendes replied, “OK. I hope you can go, too”.

Giovanna is currently waiting for a heart transplant but said this experience has motivated her to keep going. 

Photo by: WSVN



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