3-year-old chants affirmations on his way to school

As I scrolled through the Twitterverse, I came across the #MorningBoost for the Today Show. They shared an amazing video that shows how positive reinforcement and positive vibes can be change anyone's life, including 3 year-old Ayann.

IG user @Alissa360style taught her son Ayaan this positive affirmation for his 2nd Birthday last year. She wrote on the post that this was all "in hopes that he would one day he will memorize it, understand it and use it as a motivational tool."

Turns out that on his way to school about a week ago, Ayaan started to repeat the chant. Alissa pulled out her phone and caught the moment as her son continued to say, "I am smart, I am blessed, I can do ANYTHING."

Definitely a moment to remember that kids are always paying attention.


Photo by: Alissa360Style


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