Bad Bunny Talks to Students About The HACER Scholarship At Hialeah High

During a school assembly at Hialeah high, Reggaeton star Bad Bunny made a surprise appearance.

Students went crazy when he came on stage. But Bad Bunny stopped by with a purpose. Turns out that the megastar has a partnership with McDonald's and Miami-Dade Public schools in efforts to encourage students to apply for the McDonald's HACER National Scholarship. The scholarship application process is now open and they'll be giving away up to $100,000 to Hispanic heritage students.

Students didn't shy away from pulling out their phones and capturing the moment but they also liked what he had to say. According to WPLG, "(Bad Bunny's visit) motivated me to look at more scholarships, because I haven't been doing that," one student said. "This helped."

During the event, the reggaeton artist shared his college experience and said he hopes they left the event feeling happy, inspired, and willing to work hard to keep educating themselves.


Photo by: @daroachkiller


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