Baconator Pringles Are A Real Thing Now!

In my opinion, Pringles are some of the best potato chips in the market and I'm always curious to try new flavors. Pringles has kept the ball rolling with new flavors and this time they are collaborating with Wendy's. As the title says it, they've transformed the delicious burger, the Baconator, into chip form.

That's Applewood smoked bacon, beef and cheese in one crunchy bite. But, how do the chips compare to the real thing? Well, Junk food Instagram @candyhunting has done that part for us with did a side-by-side taste test. As the caption below says, "The flavor of the Pringles touches on each component of the Baconator. The ketchup, cheese, burger, and bacon are all present here."

However, there's one thing that could've been worked on a bit more. According to @candyhunting the bacon flavor tasted slightly burnt. I'd say that's on a palette basis, we all have different ways on how we like our bacon cooked. So, if you're intrigued and want a bite head to you local grocery store because the Wendy's Baconator Pringles are officially available.

Photo by: Pringles

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