Fort Lauderdale Police Captures A Kangaroo

Looks like we aren't the only ones trying to hop into the weekend. And Jumanji 2020 couldn't look or sound more real.

A kangaroo was on the loose in a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood early Thursday morning before police were able to safely capture it and turn it over to the Florida Wildlife Commission.

The roo is now safe and sound and according to officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, it will go to a licensed facility. The owner, however, didn't have that luck as he is being charged for not having a permit for the animal since it is against city code to keep wildlife as pets.

Fort Lauderdale police officer Robert Norvise told local news that in over two decades on the job, he has seen snakes, dogs, and alligators, but never a kangaroo. Fortunately, the animal seemed to be in a good, domesticated mood, according to Norvise the animal was "very friendly" and allowed the officers to pet him.

For now this cute will be in a barn in Fort Lauderdale while they find a new place more adequate place to call home.

Photo by: Getty Images