Resident From Wellington Helps The Community By Baking Lasagna

This is the type of Florida (WO)man story I like to see. Let's keep the positive vibes going with this story from Tracy Hennessy.

She's from Wellington and she's been doing everything she can to help her community. Since October, Tracy has been baking lasagnas for families struggling during the pandemic. She's bought all the ingredients with her own money and has taken it upon herself to make sure these families have food on their table.

She told WPTV that she was inspired by Lasagna Love, a national grassroots movement aiming to provide lasagna meals to people having trouble due to the pandemic. And said, "Well I am blessed I have everything that I need, I don't want for anything, I have tears in my eyes. I know what it means not to make a car payment, I've been there, or not be able to get what you need at the grocery store."

For more information about Lasagna Love, go to

Photo by: Getty Images

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