Zoo Miami Welcomes Baby Giraffes

Nope, you aren't seeing double!! Zoo Miami welcomed two giraffes to their family within the past week.

According to Communications director Ron Magill, the two were born within four days of each other and they became the 54th and 55th giraffes to be born at Zoo Miami.

Now if you are wondering the genders, well we got the deets for you. Zoo Miami officals said that the first giraffe is a male and he was born on Friday. He doesn't have a name yet but officials said he came into the world at a whopping 181 pounds.The second baby is a female and weighed 119 pounds.

But hey, did you know that a giraffe's pregnancy lasts about 15 months and that the mother rarely lies during birth? I love nature and learning about it is facinating. According to Ron Magil, newborn giraffes average six feet in height when they are born and fall as much as six feet to the ground during delivery. That's crazy and amazing how nature works, right?

Photo by: Getty Images

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