Tropicana Releases Cereal To Be Eaten With Orange Juice

Cereal and milk have always gone together, but what if you tried orange juice instead? In honor of National Orange Juice Day, Tropicana is releasing a cereal meant to be paired with good old OJ.

Tropicana is introducing a new breakfast option that could have you cheering or turning your head the other way. It's called Tropicana Crunch, a honey almond breakfast cereal specifically made so that orange juice is used instead of milk.

I know, cereal is meant for milk but you know what, don't knock it until you try it. According to Tropicana, it's an “unforgettable breakfast experience.” By the looks of the happy orange with a spoon on the box, "It may not be for everyone, (but it could be for you!)".

Tropicana didn't confirm if the cereal is here to stay but wouldn't hurt to grab a box this week.

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