Justin Bieber Banned By Ferrari



Who knew that Ferrari had their own contract about how their cars looked? I know I didn't and now, Justin Bieber knows too.

Per reports, Bieber changed the color of his 2011 F458 Italia from white to neon blue. But the news doesn't stop there. According to Milan-based newspaper, Il Giornale, Justin also modified his 458 with a Liberty Walk body kit. However, the paint job isn't the only reason Justin was blacklisted. The Ghost singer put the vehicle up for a charity auction without informing Ferrari.

Now, you'll say, but he bought the car, right? Well, after some digging and lots of reading, I found out that Ferrari has rules that dictate that an owner cannot sell their car in the first year and that they must tell the company beforehand so they have the option of buying it back. Plus, this is where the changes come into the dilemma. According to Ferrari, unauthorized modifications are also frowned upon.

Justin isn't the only celebrity on the blacklist, actor Nicolas Cage also broke the rules and was banned in 2003.

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