Dogs Accidentally Eating Weed Brownies ..A Trend??

So I read this story and couldn't resist blogging about it.  Apparently NYC veterinarians are saying canine marijuana poisoning is becoming a daily occurrence.  Vets saw 144% increase from 2010 to 2105 and was the highest (no pun intended) state for dog marijuana calls in the country.  

I'm not shocked to read this at all.  Not sure if you've ever 'accidentally' tried a pot brownie before but I can tell you first hand those things are no joke.  From what I hear you start by eating a half of one.. the effects don't kick in right away, so you figure 'aw what the hell, might as well knock the other half down'.  Shortly after you're calling your mom to come pick you up because aliens are coming after your lucky charms and there's no more peanut butter and jelly left.  AND you start posting pics to the gram like this...


But back to the dogs.  Lets not forget, people.  We aren't the only ones that think brownies, girls scout cookies, ice cream, etc are delicious.  Dogs will tear that up too.  My dog has jumped up on the counter and tore up a batch of regular, normal, non-stoner brownies plenty of times.  

So I say we all make a pact, like Boy Scouts.  Moving forward, if we're making 'special' brownies (which we don't condone or promote here at Y100) KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THE PETS..  So they don't end up at the Vet looking crazy!



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