Cash Me Ousside Chick Has Creepiest Hacker Ever!!

Okay this story just gets weirder and weirder as the day progresses but bare with me please.  So the other day, Ms. Cash-Me-Ousside get's her IG and Twitter hacked!  And when I say hacked.. like, this is on some straight scare the hell outta of anyone and everyone type-stuff.  If you're familiar with the hacker activist group Anonymous, it's very similar to the video's that they do.  Here's the first video.. 


Not gunna lie.. ridiculously creepy, but kinda on-point in a weird way.  Our hack-friend is basically saying that we American's are strait meatheads for making stupid people famous.  Not disagreeing with that at all. However, there's no telling what she's going to do next which is why she has 7.5 million followers (including myself which is besides the point) ..not sure why I'm sticking up for her right now, but check out video #2 from our hack-bro..


Okay so this is good. Things are getting juicy.  We like leaks.  When I hear the word "leak" my mind immediately goes to sextape.  The fact that she's been hanging with Kodak Black doesn't help that thought process.  However, she's only 13 years old so there's no way our hack-bud will be dropping that.  

At this point, if you're like me, you're asking yourself "what the hell could this hack-dude even LEAK that the world would care about AND why use the Cash-Me-Ousside girls IG"?  Well.. Wednesday is here and we have the answers to all those questions.. 


Hold it.  Wait a second.  That looks like a music video!  That she's in?  Is this not a real hack?  Could this be one of the greatest marketing scheme's in the history of marketing?  Is this Cash-Me-Ousside chick really smart enough to put this together?  Next "hack-turd" video please.


Yep. So it looks like we were all duped into thinking someone really outsmarted the system and hacked the one person America would love to see embarrassed via social media.  Unfortunately, her IG and Twitter following may double and some rapper from Orlando will blow up over this.  Is Ms. Cash-Me-Ousside working on an album?  Honestly, do we even care?  It pains me to say that she got us with this one. 



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