Shocker: Uber To Suspend Self-Driving Cars

Okay, so before I sound like I'm completely trashing Uber for thinking they could bring turn us into an episode of The Jetsons in 2017.. I gotta give credit where credit is due.  KUDOS to Uber for thinking into the future, for trying to make life easier for us humans, for going above and beyond and thinking outside the box.  

Now.  Can we be totally honest with ourselves for a second here.  If you would get into a robot controlled car in 2017, you deserve a 15 ft. gold trophy in your living room.  You make Evel Knievel look like a wus. It's like Trump getting in the ring with McGregor.  Complete suicide.  No shocker here that there was a ridiculous accident in Arizona.  There would've been accidents all over the place if Uber didn't step in and say "all right, all right.. no more self-driving cars until we figure this thing out".  It just seems too soon, right?  I mean my GPS is barely able to tell me exactly where I am on a map.  My Tinder still freezes when I swipe right too many times.  My point is that we're not ready for self-driving cars yet.


Now, don't get it twisted.  I will be first in line when we get this whole self-driving situation all figured out.  I've always said if I ever 'make it' ..which is unlikely.  But if I do, I'm hiring a driver.  Why? Because that's what you do when you're a boss.  And who would hire a whiny-driver that you feel the need to converse with when you could have a Knight-rider.  Right?  I would program my Knight-rider to call me 'sir Drew' and hand me a beer as soon as I get in the door.  I'd program him to be able to use witty pick-up lines to drop on girls crossing the road by the beach.  The possibilities are endless.  But none of that happens until the fix the technology that is out now.  Regardless, it's fun to think about.

Sir Drew, out.



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