If U Think Tennis Balls Are Green You're Crazy AF


I've seen a ton of debate over this and I promised myself I wasn't going to blog about it.  It's spring, we have a crisp 68 degree wind in the air tonight.  No need to shake things up over a tennis ball right?  Wrong.  

This is beyond the 'blue or gold dress' epidemic we faced last year.   This is about a tennis ball, that we all know is yellow.  I'm was pretty convinced that people were just bored with life at this point and want to argue... until I saw this:  


48 percent of people are wrong. Simple as that but, when it comes to colors, each person is entitled to their own optical proclivities.  Gotta be honest though, I'm a little concerned about the 48% of people that see green when they look at a tennis ball.  That's not normal.  

Going to pole our listeners just to see where we are in the grande scheme of things.  Vote now on twitter @Y100Miami 



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