Worst Gender Reveal These Eyes Have Ever Seen


This video annoys me.  Let's back up. Gender reveals annoy me.  I don't have kids so maybe I don't get it, but why are we throwing a party to reveal a baby's sex?  Is this one of those 'American things' where we throw a party just to throw a party?  Like Cinco de Mayo.. no clue what we're celebrating but I sure as shit take 15 shots of tequila that day.  St. Patty's Day?  ..give us another day to get wasted and call out of work the next day.  That's how I feel about gender reveal parties.  Pointless, but a reason to drink on a sunday.  

Any way, this video is absolutely tragic.  Some might argue that she threw a bad pitch.  Not disagreeing with that at all.  But any alpha male in a gender reveal, batting-cage style setting will do anything he can do to at least make contact with the ball.  Not only does this guy not swing at the pitch, but he tries to catch the ball.   Completely proving to his friends, family, wife, neighbors, but most importantly the little addition to the family that he has butter-fingers.  

Burn the video evidence and try again.



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