Try These Ideas To Keep Your Child Or Sibling Busy During Social Distancing

Most of us, regardless of age or race or gender, are feeling the boredom getting stronger and stronger as "social distancing" continues amidst the quarantining for Coronavirus COVID-19. Then again, some of us (cough cough, LOL) are still working from home, but not the babies. So what exactly is there to do with school cancelled and that young one stuck at home full of energy.

Here's some ideas you can incorporate into your "quarantine and chill" activities for your child or younger sibling:


Whether electronic or the good, old-fashioned way, a time-consuming board (aka BORED) game is the perfect way to spend time together but also keep that young one entertained. Just don't go playing this one though, LOL:


If all that young one knows how to prepare is cereal (if that) then your options are WIDE open in the kitchen! Bake some goodies or just have him/her assist when preparing lunch or dinner! BONUS POINTS if it's something yummy AND good for you like the cookies below:


If you haven't whipped out the glue, scissors, glitter, and construction paper yet, get to it! Nothing is more bonding and gets the creative juices flowing like making something out of nothing. Get... to... it.


There's nothing but time on your hands, so get them a little dirty in the soil and plant a seed or two. This is a great life-skill and teachable moment for the young one as well, they might even pick it up as a hobby! WIN-WIN. (Might wanna plant some tomatoes and avocados in case the grocery stores start acting up by the way, LOL.)


Living in South Florida, you kind of have to know at least a LITTLE bit of Spanish to be completely comfortable with the local culture. And if you don't know any AT ALL, now's a perfect time to get familiar. Or if you're bilingual, explore a 3rd language as a family. Sky's the limit.


Music is healing, and that's exactly what we all need a little of right now! Whip out the instruments (or pots and pans if you don't have any) and write a song with your loved ones. That'll pass the time for sure!


Even though you need to keep your distance from others, you can still step outside for some fresh air. Some jumping jacks and suicides will keep that young one tired too, of course. And this is something you should incorporate even AFTER "quarantine and chill" has ended. Here's several ideas to keep in mind when thinking of making the outdoors creative:

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