Kanye West's Bodyguard Tells All: 'Moodiest and Worst Tipper' To Work For

You would think working for Kanye West would come with a required Non-Disclosure Agreement, especially if he's as difficult to work with as his former bodyguard Steve Stanulis claims.

According to the former security detail Yeezy is "the neediest and the moodiest" as well as "the worst tipper." On his latest interview with Hollywood Raw podcast, Stanulis revealed Ye also has "a ton of ridiculous rules."

On his first day in the job, the two met in an elevator on the way to the studio. Kanye asked if he was going to push the button for the floor, but Stanulis said he had no idea where they were going, it was still his first day. He then started ranting about how he should have called ahead to find out first. Eventually, he agreed to tell his enforcer the right button to press.

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