Kendall Jenner Confesses To Being The 'Stoner' Of The Family

No more excuses that you can't lose those extra few pounds cause of the munchies! Clearly staying "top model" fit is no issue for Kendall Jenner...

In a recent podcast interview alongside sister Kourtney Kardashian, the supermodel revealed she's the "stoner" of the family. Mind you, this was a self-proclamation she admitted she's never made and spoke up just as Kourt tattled on her when asked, LOL. We scoured through her IG for any sign that she's really as much of a canna-connousier as she claims but honestly... this is the MOST baked she looks on her page. Ironically enough, the caption reads: "I'm sleepy."

For the full interview hosted by Oliver and Kate Hudson, check out below:

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