Britney Spears Sends Blessings To Fans Day After Attorney's Coma Comparison


Just one day after her attorney compared her mental state to that 'of a patient in a coma,' pop icon Britney Spears took to social media to thank her loyal fans for their kind words and concern. As reported by TMZ, Sam Ingham (who represents her legally) told the judge ruling over her case that the "Stronger" singer does not want to perform anymore while her dad, Jamie Spears, is intent on having her resume her music career. This resulted in a matter of hearsay and the judge wants Brit to sign a declaration... that's when her attorney compared her mental state to that of a comatose patient and legally attorneys can speak in place of clients in a coma.

Well, Britney is clearly not in a coma, though we all obviously see she's gone through apparent changes over the years that have affected her. She's healthy enough to be grateful for those who support her, which is nice. Hopefully the matter gets resolved soon and Brit gets exactly what she wants and deserves – some PEACE and JUSTICE!