Offset Gifts Cardi B Rolls Royce & Billboard For Birthday Amidst Divorce

Turning 28 may have never looked so glamorous... or suspect!

While most of the world is cooped up at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, Cardi B pulled out all the stops for her big day in Las Vegas and it looked like a (risky) blast! From the wardrobe choices, to the venue decorations, to the special guests... everything looked so lavish. And speaking of which, her (soon-to-be ex) hubby sure knows how to gift his lady. From a brand new Rolls Royce to a special message on a billboard, it almost oozes of "please don't divorce me, I'm so sorry." LOL.

But in a ll seriousness, hopefully it works out for the pair, but more importantly... FOR THE PARTY GUESTS! Looks like a lot of mask-less fun! 😷🦠