Miley Cyrus's Gets Flirty With UFC Fighter Julian Marquez On Twitter

While the rest of the world is lonely and cooped up at home avoiding a deadly virus, it's nice to know at least some people have the luxury of flirting and dating.

Miley Cyrus, one of our favorite free spirits, is back on the market and she made it (pretty) clear by posting a pic of Britney Spears wearing a "DUMP HIM" shirt and captioning it "Already did!" You know her DMs have to be blowing up, but on Twitter, one specific gentleman caller made his intentions known publicly. UFC fighter Julian Marquez wants his piece of the "Wrecking Ball" singer and feels he's got a good shot because of his "beautiful beard, gorgeous smile, and pretty eyes."

Miley actually replied to his tweet and said she'd be down to be his Valentine... but only if he shaves "MC" into his chest hair. He obliged, but only if she got something done for him too. Check out the exchange below. Do you think. they'd make a cute pair?