Tom Cruise Home For 10 Days, Dozens of 'M:I7' Crew Members Catch COVID-19

Tom Cruise is "fuming" following an order to stay home 10 days due to dozens of crew members testing positive for COVID-19 during the shooting of Mission: Impossible 7.

Reportedly, the source of the spread was background dancers used in a scene; they interacted with the star throughout the shoot. This movie has already run behind schedule and over budget due to prior coronavirus issues, so that's. why the reports are that Tom's P-O'd. For what it's worth, 2021 and 2022 promise to be GREAT years at the movies since so much got pushed back from 2020.

Saw a friend's AMC stock going up and up and up. Have you gone to the theaters yet? Will you check out M:I7 once it hits the big screen?