Unopened Copy Of 'Super Mario 64' Sells For Over $1.5 Million At Auction

While some of us just enjoyed playing games growing up, some people were thinking one step ahead! A brand new, unopened copy of Super Mario 64 sold at an auction over the weekend for $1,560,000!

This only makes it more clear that the value of vintage games and memorabilia is on a steady climb. This time last year, a copy of the original Super Mario Bros. sold for $114,000. Since then the same game sold 3 months ago for $660,000 and now this record-breaking auction price. Reportedly, just two days before the Super Mario 64 sale, the record for most expensive game was The Legend Of Zelda which sold at the same auction for $870,000.

You might also recall last year when Logic bought the vintage holographic Charizard Pokémon card for $183,812. The buyer's fee brought it up to about $220,000 reportedly.

So what's the most you'd spend on a brand new, unopened, unused vintage video game?

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