The City Of Miami Beach Declares State Of Emergency Under Hurricane Ian

Hurricane season - road sign warning

Photo: Getty Images

Hurricane Ian, while not directly impacting South Florida, is bringing lots of bad weather to us this week. Today, the City of Miami Beach has issued a state of emergency, as heavy flooding is expected throughout the city.

“While Miami Beach is not expected to experience any direct impacts from Hurricane Ian, I am declaring a state of emergency out of an abundance of caution,” said Miami Beach City Manager Alina Hudak. “Our teams are fully operational and proactive in preparing our city, and we have additional support on standby should we need to deploy quickly.”

Currently, municipal parking garages are open to the public for those who want to move their vehicles indoors. In areas prone to heavy flooding, backup generators and pumps are on emergency standby if needed.

Make sure to stock up on water, and other necessities to get you through the storm safely. Only go out if it is safe to do so.

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