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BREAKING: Ticketmaster Cancels Taylor Swift General Public Ticket Sales

MTV EMAs 2022 - Show

Photo: Getty Images

Bad news for all the Swifties trying to get tickets to her "Eras" tour - Ticketmaster has now cancelled tomorrows general public sale for Taylor Swift tickets.

Ticketmaster has blamed "insufficient inventory" and "historically high demands" for the cancellation.

This comes after Ticketmaster crashed during presale ticket sales. More than 2 million tickets were sold when the tickets first launched on Tuesday - the most tickets sold for a single artist in a day.

In an official statement, Ticketmaster said that "this time the staggering number of bot attacks as well as fans who didn’t have invite codes drove unprecedented traffic on our site, resulting in 3.5 billion total system requests – 4x our previous peak. We strive to make ticket buying as easy as possible for fans, but that hasn’t been the case for many people trying to buy tickets for the Eras Tour.”

Ticketmaster also said that "Even when a high demand on sale goes flawlessly from a tech perspective, many fans are left empty handed. For example: based on the volume of traffic to our site, Taylor would need to perform over 900 stadium shows (almost 20x the number of shows she is doing)…that’s a stadium show every single night for the next 2.5 years."

Read the official blog statement from Ticketmaster here.

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