Victoria Monet Is Giving Pop Feels With Her New Releases

With the aid of director Dave Meyers, Victoria Monet is recognizing her pop influences, with a video that pays tribute to Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Missy Elliott!

Monét new single "alright," is giving pop feels in the new video, off her album Jaguar II. Monét gives tribute to the 2000's with moments from Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Hype Williams’s film Belly.

“Alright is about liberation and freedom at its core!" Monét said. "This video is a visual presentation of that sentiment through freedom of movement and fluidity between masculine and feminine energy. EVERY single person who had their hands on this visual was extremely passionate from inception, and we all worked really hard to bring it to life!" Monét said. "They showed up with their A game surpassing what we all imagined. Serious teamwork! We all patiently and meticulously crafted it and are extremely excited to release it into the world! There’s no better month to release this visual than pride month, black music month and the beginning of summer 24! I can’t wait to see where dance artists and the ballroom culture take it.”

Monet is making moves in a big way as she also released "Power Of Two" her single from the Disney+ show Star Wars The Acolyte. Monet made a big splash last year in R&B, but her recent moves indicate a push into the pop side of things, making her star rise that much higher in 2024.

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